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Refillable Cartridges is about saving printer users money by offering products that allow customers to re-fill and to re-use their ink cartridges, in a simple and cost-effective way. A second benefit of doing this is that less plastic is thrown away, reducing the environmental impact of single-use cartridges. On this site We offer:

  • refillable ink cartridges that can be re-filled many times
  • Bottles of different quality ink to use with the refillable cartridges
  • Cartridge Mate refill Black and Tri-Colour cartridge re-fill systems
  • Cartridge Mate refill ink shots
  • InkTec Refill kits for black and tri-colour cartridges
  • chip re-setters, syringes and other accessories to assist you to refill your cartridge

To see what products we offer for your printer, use our cartridge finder module. Fill in the manufacturer, series and model of your printer and all of the products that we offer will be listed for you to browse. If you don't find anything offered for your printer model, please send us an email and we will see if we have or if we can locate a solution to assist you.

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